Our Story

It begins with the love of a dog… 

The simple wag of a dog’s tail can convey so much: loyalty, companionship, and above all things: love.

And there’s truly nothing like the unconditional love of a dog. 

Dog lovers around the world can agree that a dog’s love brings us joy, comfort, energy, and laughter every single day! 

So when our four-legged friends are hurting or ill, it’s no surprise that any loving pet parent would do just about anything to put that simple wag back into their dog’s tail. 

And that’s how Simple Wag, the company, was born. 

We’re dog lovers just like you, who love our four-legged friends like family. 

It’s because of this love we have for our dogs, and because of the love they give us in return, that we decided to dedicate ourselves to producing only the highest quality of wellness products for dogs.

After all, we know your dog isn’t ‘just a pet’—they’re a much-loved member of your family.  

So as a member of your family, they deserve only the best when it comes to high-quality, premium grade holistic wellness products. 

And that’s exactly what drives us. 

Our mission is to remove the barriers to world-class wellness products…for you, your four-legged friend, and their ultimate wellbeing… 

…all for the simple wag of a dog’s tail! 

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